The Old School and The New School of Mezcal

Kimo Sabe, Mezcal Wisdom | 0 comments

Keeping the Traditions Alive in the Modern World

Unlike other spirits like tequila, there is a lack of standardized regulations in the world of Mezcal. In fact, only 10% of Mezcal production is regulated, and with that comes certification. With these new rules, Mezcal production is destined to evolve into a reliable and sustainable market. Mezcal’s rustic spirit is deeply rooted and connected to traditions that most, if not all Mescaleros’s use during the production process, including us here at Kimo Sabe.

Mezcal has historically been all about the process. In the past, there was little concern for efficiency and innovation. “The best mezcal is the one in front of you,” was an old traditional phrase that was used in many circles in Mexico.  This created the antiquated concept that all mezcals were created equal. Mezcal was traditionally made at home, where many people felt that their personal version of mezcal was, of course, the best. There was no commitment to using local agave, which inevitably lead to an enormous lack of consistency.

Tradition Meets Innovation

Mezcal has been around for several hundred years. With the rich history and behind it, it’s our promise to keep that history alive. But, we also believe that there is always room for innovation. The question then remains, with a spirit that sincerely values the preservation of its several centuries-old historie, how much change is too much?

Kimo Sabe successfully infuses a new school approach to developing unique flavor profiles and production techniques, while maintaining the rich history, authenticity, and tradition embodied by this unique spirit.

We cultivate our agave in the same traditional nine regions of Mexico that have always been used to produce agave plants for mezcal used to produce mezcal. However, unlike other mezcal brands, we then blend the best agave from all nine regions to create our signature flavor.

Taking Mezcal Production to the Next Level

We incorporate proprietary scientific methods into the distillation process in conjunction with traditional ancestral fire pit techniques used to cook and steam our agave. Our distillation process is also unique as it’s triple distilled (instead of double) and in copper. We then sonify the liquid while it is resting in the copper holding tanks. We incorporated these new scientific processes in an industry that relishes in tradition because we want to put mezcal on the map and be the catalyst for mezcal’s future.