Mezcal is the Fastest Growing Spirit

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Mezcal Is Rapidly Growing in Popularity: Here’s Why

Mezcal is such a likable spirit and is growing in popularity daily. We think it’s because of its versatility and, because it continues to prove that it is 100% original and authentic to its roots.

Unlike other spirits, mezcal is still highly revered for its subtly sweet flavors and not so subtle hints of smoke. Mezcal’s depth of flavor is only made possible by the skilled people of Mexico, who have perfected the production process over the last several centuries.

To understand why mezcal is quickly rising in popularity, remember that age-old advice we have heard time and time again, which is, be true to yourself.

There is no generation that touts self-expression and uniqueness greater than the millennials. This younger crowd has migrated towards the more sophisticated Mezcal, a spirit that is as unique and authentic as it is delicious and healthy. Now that’s a trend we can drink to.

The Health Benefits of Mezcal Over Other Spirits

The initial attraction that drives millennials to drink mezcal may be its trendiness, but what keeps their attention are the health benefits and diversity it offers.

It is one of the few spirits that contain simple sugars, making it easy for the body to process. That means you can drink as much as you want (within reason) without the fear of weight gain. It is important to note that this only remains true if you drink it clean meaning without sugary mixers or sodas.

Sipping on mezcal can also stimulate digestion, therefore helping to break down food more quickly. We suggest a drink before every meal. We believe that a few sips (not shots) of this magical elixir is one of the few liquors you can drink daily might be able to add to your daily routine. Having the ability to drink alcohol daily, look trendy, and feel great is what is attracting more people, not just millennials, to sip on this on trend tincture.