Mezcal is the Best Liquor When You’re on a Diet

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A New Year is for new starts. What’s one of the most common New Year’s resolutions. To get healthier. What if when you choose to have a cocktail it’s the better for you choice? Is this even possible? With Kimo Sabe Mezcal (and moderation) it is.

The Purity of Mezcal

The benefits of eating clean naturally extend to drinking clean as well; both have endless benefits to our mental and physical systems. This is great news for us fellow Kimo Sabeans because out of the wide varieties of alcohols that exist in the world, mezcal, by law, has the least high alcohols ⚊ that’s the stuff that creates hangovers and that general fogginess that leaves us feeling terrible.

Since mezcal must be 100% agave, there is no room for additives (sugars and other nonsense) of any kind, making it a 100% all-natural product. Kimo Sabe then goes from clean to pristine by triple distilling every batch. (pro tip: intermingle sips of mezcal with sips of water to keep those toxins flowing out of your body and always drink in moderation).

Is Mezcal a Stimulant?

When your body operates at optimum performance, the mind is unleashed. Mezcal has been fabled to induce a state of euphoria. While this does not come from any form of hallucinogen (no mescaline actually present), this sensation potentially comes from the combination of the agave plant energy and the process by which it is transformed into liquid form.

Agave plants take a minimum of eight years before you can harvest it, which means it has eight-plus years of harnessing both the sun and the earth’s powerful energy.

The Clarity of Mezcal

The earth’s energy is enhanced when met with Kimo Sabe’s extra special third superpower – sound. Kimo Sabe sonicates our mezcal ⚊ which is just a fancy way of saying adding sound. The sound waves cavitate the molecules which unifies them into all one size. This process takes away that “tequila pucker” note, creating a smoother, clearer, and more energized sip.

Enjoy a mezcal cocktail, and know it’s better for you than that other cocktail over there…