Kimo Sabe Trusted Friend, Sandy Bay

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Here, our National Promotions Manager, Sandy Bay, talks about Kimo Sabe’s early days, her favorite cocktails, and what she used to drink before discovering mezcal!

Sandy Bay:

I was fortunate to do the launch of Kimo Sabe Mezcal in San Diego. It was exciting to see the brand take off in my hometown market. People immediately embraced the refined flavor profile as approachable and its mass appeal is good for the Mezcal category. Restaurants and bars wanted it, and mixologists got crafty making trendy cocktails. One of my favorite accounts is Uptown Tavern.  It’s a funky and hip restaurant in Hillcrest that has great food, fantastic cocktails and embodies the word of FUN.  Like Kimo Sabe, the staff works together as a family and dares to be innovative and push the limits of the industry.  We’ve had everything from Kimo Margaritas and Kimo Sabe Mules to Prickly Pear Cocktails and a Mango Slushy on their menu. Chef Lety has created food dishes using Kimo Sabe that require me to stop by and get my fix, so the cravings don’t kick in.

Before my days with Kimo Sabe Mezcal, I was a scotch drinker. Now I’m agave all the way! I love sipping on Kimo Sabe Reposado neat. The flavor notes are fantastic and it’s super smooth. The most common comments I get about Kimo Sabe Mezcal, both the Joven and Reposado, is how smooth it is compared to other Spirits.

When I’m in a cocktail mood, my go-to drink is the Trusted Friend Margarita. It’s like a skinny margarita however very well balanced. It’s refreshing, light and never leaves me with a headache or hangover. The recipe is simple, easy to execute and all my friends love when I make it. I just mix Kimo Sabe Mezcal Joven with fresh lemon & lime juice and then add a little agave nectar. Definitely a party favorite!

I’m a curious person. I love engaging in conversations. Working at this job gives me the luxury of meeting new people and enjoying the insight of different perspectives. Sharing the story of Kimo Sabe has sparked interesting dialogue with people from all over the world. People find it fascinating this unique blend was created by a father daughter team from the chocolate industry. I often find customers talking about their own dreams and passions. It’s rewarding that chatting about this brand inspires others to seek out their own creativity. My hope is that I leave each person with more than a delicious cocktail, but with an experience of personal connection. It’s my way of expanding our Circle of Trusted Friends. I want to make a difference by practicing kindness and supporting others. I’m called the den mother of our Kimo Sabe Family. It’s serendipitous. All that in a day’s work … the only thing left to say is Cheers!