The New Face of Mezcal: Kimo Sabe

Sustainability and Good Flavor in the state of Zacatecas A New Home in Zacatecas When the sun sets on Zacatecas, the desert comes alive. Bats take flight, tlacuaches come out to forage, and the agave plant begins its mystical transformation.

The Old School and The New School of Mezcal

Mezcal has been around for several hundred years. With the rich history and behind it, it’s our promise to keep that history alive. But, we also believe that there is always room for innovation.

Mezcal is the Fastest Growing Spirit

Mezcal is such a likable spirit and is growing in popularity daily. We think it’s because of its versatility and, because it continues to prove that it is 100% original and authentic to its roots.

Here, our National Promotions Manager, Sandy Bay, talks about Kimo Sabe’s early days, her favorite cocktails, and what she used to drink before discovering mezcal!

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