Our Story

The Art of Mezcal


Kimo Sabe believes the art of mezcal making is in the hands of the distiller, the alchemist of the multi-dimensional flavor ‘accord.’


Building a magical mezcal ‘accord’ defined the early quest of Kimo Sabe. “Oaxacan Style” mezcal’s signature taste was also its curse; The nuanced and exotic flavors of the agave were masked by overwhelming wood smoke and strong alcohol notes. Beloved by aficionados, mezcal sales were a fraction of its juggernaut cousin tequila.

With the evolution of distilling and access to more agave varieties, Kimo Sabe’s founders Jim Walsh and Ashley Walsh Kvamme focused on highlighting notes derived from genetics (notes from upwards of 40 different agaves) and environment (notes from up to 9 growing regions), then married those through the magic of alchemy and distillation. But the smoke notes still could not be tamed.

After studying old patents, they re-plumbed the distillery, handcrafting the mechanics and fluid flow and adding ultrasonic vibration.

By creating millions of nano bubbles through sonication, the result is every molecule having equal size and carrying all nuances of flavor. 36 trials later, the Kimo Sabe ‘accord’ was born.

Today, Kimo Sabe stands as guardians of the traditions of mezcal and as pioneers in the evolution of mezcal flavor from a rough smoky spirit to a balanced and nuanced elixir.

Jim & Ashley – Founders of Kimo Sabe Mezcal


Join co-founders Jim Walsh and Ashley Walsh Kvamme as they guide you through
the journey of Kimo Sabe Mezcal.