The Alchemy


Believing in the mysticism of the mezcal process we drew uponalchemical terms to name the different expressions of Kimo Sabe. There is alchemy in turning the humble agave plant into liquid gold in a bottle. This transformation happens in a physical sense, and in the chemistry of making the spirit, but we believe that the transformation carries over to the drinker as well. As you experience our flavor transformations, we invite you on the journey to seek enlightenment and enjoyment in our mezcal.

The journey of this transformation is portrayed by our mezcal expressions - Albedo, Rubedo and Azoth.


In alchemical terms, these names represent the different stages along a journey to true enlightenment and finding oneself. Albedo, represents a clean slate, an absence of color, and is a purging of old ideals and the beginning of a further transformation. This alchemical stage is most often associated with a washing away of impurities.

Rubedo represents a further transformation along the path of discovery. Derived from the Latin for “redness,” rubedo moves away from the purity that was achieved in albedo and heats up. This process of transformation puts the practitioner one step closer to the philosopher's stone, and one step closer to gold.

Finally, Azoth represents the ultimate mode of transformed matter. It serves as the Elixir of Life. The “A” and “Z” in the word relate to “alpha” and “omega,” beginning and end of the Universe. It is the ultimate achievement -- liquid gold that provides the key to futher transformations. In an alchemical sense, achieving Azoth means that the alchemist can encapsulate the full meaning of the universe.

We invite you to join Kimo Sabe, drink with your Trusted Friends, and embark on the journey to find your inner gold.