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Mezcal Myths and Tequila

Truths Mezcal is most commonly known as “tequila’s smoky cousin,” which diminishes this unique spirit, and it’s far more complex taste than tequilas. Mezcal is in fact, a category of its own and Kimo Sabe ranks first of its class with its balanced and refined flavor.

To really distinguish mezcal from its agave spirit sibling, tequila, take a look at the myth busters below as we debunk the misconceptions about the differences between tequila and mezcal:

Mezcal Myths

  • “Mezcal is Mexican Moonshine” This myth is derived from politics and culture, not from the mezcal flavor. Kimo Sabe eradicates this major myth by introducing its more rustic and refined flavor in this spirit category.
  • “All Mezcals are Created Equal.” All mezcals are not made equal. Depending on the locale and unique methodology of the spirit house, mezcals can embody a plethora of flavor profiles. The newer mezcal methodology is very different from the traditional approach. Kimo Sabe’s take on mezcal is a “new school” style, which blends traditional ways with modern technology resulting in an innovative flavor profile that’s unmistakable.

Tequila Truths

  • “All Tequilas are Mezcals!” Mezcals are any agave-based liquor which means tequila is actually a subset of mezcal. 
  • “Tequila is more well known than Mezcal.” This is a sad truth that we are working diligently to change. Tequila has been around since 1893 when it was first introduced at the Chicago World’s Fair, but mezcal is a fast emerging market that is growing in the US while still remaining connected to it’s Mexican roots.
  • “Tequila is Made With Blue Weber Agave.” Tequila can only be made with Blue Weber Agave. However, mezcal can be produced from up to 42 different types of agave plants. Kimo Sabe believes in blending the best agave from all 9 regions of Mexico, another major differentiation point.
  • “It’s Considered Tequila if it Only Contains 49% Blue Agave.” Due to mass consumption, tequila in the U.S. is not required to contain 100% blue agave like it is in Mexico. Therefore, when you drink tequila, always make sure the bottle says 100% agave. (When drinking Kimo Sabe mezcal, you will always have 100% quality and agave, no questions asked).

2016 is mezcal’s moment. We are having a renaissance. U.S. consumers are gravitating towards a drink that is handcrafted instead of mass produced. Although tequila and mezcal are somewhat simpatico, we respect the genuine craft and family-oriented ownership behind this traditional spirit. So we ask, why settle for tequila?