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“Saber deriva de sabor, porquepara saber algo hay que haber lo probado antes”. – Damián Lescas

Damián Lescas is a visual artist from Oaxaca, Mexico. As a child, he had a taste for history, culture and international travelling. His love for art and languages lead him to his first job as he became a certified tour guide for the state of Oaxaca.

His art has been showed at several galleries in Mexico and Europe. About his life and art, Damián wrote:
"I live my life feeding myself images and words while maintaining a voracious and curious appetite that necessarily leads to the revelation of the ingredients. Digesting time in music: that's how I learned to discern the unusual against the ordinary. At the very end of what is intangible, nothing but Beauty persists; and at the very end of our story, nothing but Art remains."

Translation: "Knowing comes from savouring, because to acquire knowledge about something you first have to savour it"